The Gilchrist Institute

About the Gilchrist Institute

The Gilchrist Institute was founded in 1984 by Dr. Robert J. Flower to facilitate research into human achievement and understanding, including the analysis and development of potential. Leaders and supporters of the Institute have included:

  • Alan Johnson, CEO of Gimbels, Macy’s and the Bantus Group.
  • Terry Anderson, journalist and hostage in Lebanon from 1985- 1991.
  • Nick Marano, past president of Progresso Foods.
  • Dr. Les Fehmi, psychologist and world bio-feedback authority.
The Gilchrist Institute is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) corporation.

Major Findings

In 1984, Dr. Flower discovered Natural Thinkng and Intelligence (NaTI), based on 13 basic principles which are replicated throughout nature. Research eventually led to the founding of the Achievement Sciences, a novel, scientific, yet humanist approach to creating, organizing and functioning on all levels of understanding -- representing a holistic, all-encompassing approach to everyday living.

In addition, Dr. Flower has developed "The Master Pattern", an algorithm-based model with applications to investment, economic and political trends and human action.

Dr. Flower's Books

Dr. Flower has written 3 books on his discovery of Natural Thinking and Intelligence and how to apply its principles to develop potential and achievement. Click here for more information.


An interview about Dr. Flower's first book, Decoding Potential, is featured below.

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Dr. Flower's discovery of The Laws of Potential offers a new paradigm for understanding, communication and community. The Potentia Nation is a new model of community based on these Laws. It is a forum for achievement: financial, personal, intellectual and spiritual.

Robert J. Flower

Dr. Robert Flower, Director of The Gilchrist Institute


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